Saturday, March 20, 2010

KeNeely born 3.20.10

Today when Farmer Pat went to feed the farm animals he noticed one Nanny goat didn't run out to the grain bin with all the other Nannies. He knew instantly there was good reason. Sure enough, upon further investigation, he found our first born kid of the season. (3/20/2010)

KeNeely you ask? Odd name for a kid! Let me explain...

With my Dad heavy on my mind today (being the 16th anniversary of his passing) I wanted to name the new little fella after him. I made a call out to my siblings (there's 8 of us) for suggestions. My sister Gala came up with the perfect fit. Remembering my Dad's nick-name, she suggested calling him KeNeely. So, KeNeely it is! Think he'd approve?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sure Signs of Spring at Mulberry Lane Farm

I found 3 very apparent signs of spring as I walked around the farm today.
Blooming pussy-willows and crocuses.

The arrival of the first spring chicks.

and...B I G bellies about to burst with new life!

...and 7 days later (3.27.10)...Sis delivered a litter of 5!