Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kisses Anyone?!?!

Ladybug kissing Cinnamon

Ladybug kissing Lightening.

Ladybug trying to get close enough to kiss Boots.
Trying to get a little closer for more kisses from the cattle.
And those who wanted NO kisses!!

Spring Baby Farm Animals

Looking around the farm I can see many expecting farm animals. One that has really peaked my interest is our nanny goat, Half&Half. Could it be three years in a row she has quads?!?! She is getting awfully big. (I'll try and get a picture posted soon.)

Of the three pregnant ponies, Blondie is the biggest and I'm guessing will deliver first.

But the ones that really keep you guessing are the ewes. It isn't until they are sheared that we can really tell how big they are. Opsie Daisy here doesn't look pregnant at all! But just wait and see...(to be continued.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ladybug at 3 mos.

Like my Dad always said, "all bad weeds grow fast." It's hard to believe how much Ladybug has grown in three months! But, her weight and height aren't the only thing growing...SHE'S GROWING SPOTS!

Take a look at the February 15th post. No spots (other than a few around her nose). Now look...

P.S. She's really not "bad" but she is ALL puppy!!

To watch video of Ladybug play catch with Farmer Pat, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLEAK4kElVE

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Conclusion of Otis & The Principal

On Friday Feb 18th Otis visited Menasha High School where Principal Dr. Larry Haase kissed Otis in agreement with the students for raising over $3000 for the Heifer Foundation. Here is the conclusion to the event...

Otis being guided to the center of the gym.

Dr. Haase making his grand entry.

Otis not eager to be kissed by the Doctor.

Otis much happier to be kissed by event organizer and teacher Erin Culligan.

With lipstick on his snout and a smirk on his face, I'd say he enjoyed himself!