Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Appleton 2010 Christmas Parade

Mulberry Lane Petting Farm presents: Farm Family Traditions

The family farm is legendary in WI with Christmas traditions dating back to our Grandparents and beyond. Even tho it may be Christmas morning the farmer must complete his morning chores before going back to the farm house to partake in the holiday festivities.

Mulberry Lane Petting Farm takes a stroll down memory lane to relive one of the oldest farm traditions, delivering the morning milk. Farmer Pat is at the reins seated atop the antique milk wagon pulled by…… reindeer?!?

Or are they the farm’s milking cows!?!?

Thanks to our "cows" Farmer Gala, Farmer Wendy, Farmer Liz and Farmer Ron (pictured). Farmer Kevin, Farmer Olivia, Farmer Cindy and Farmer Bonnie (not pictured). Farmer Pat on wagon and Granddaughter, Aaliyah as the farm kitty-kat.

Friday, November 5, 2010

2010...Oh what a year!

Thank you to all our guest who helped make 2010 such a memorable year. It certainly was exciting and we have some people to thank...

Equitable Reserve Association for holding your 5th annual "ERA Day at Mulberry Lane Farm." Over 300 ERA members visited the farm in a single day.

The first "Green Bay Packer Association Family Day" held at Mulberry. By all indications it won't be the last. (We believe some Packer players think Otis needs be signed up for the Packer front line!)

Seth & Kate Lenz for hosting their wedding at Mulberry Lane Farm. We felt honored to part of such a special day.

For the corporations and private individuals who caught Mulberry's vision to "provide an ideal country learning environment where people of all ages can interact and learn about farm animals through a "hands-on" guided tour" and made generous contributions to our "Future Farmers Grant" program WE THANK YOU!
  • U.S. Venture, Appleton
  • Schwaubenlander Farms LLP, Chilton
  • Jillene and Bob McLaughlin, Beloit
  • Carol & Paul Gehl, Hilbert
  • John Anderson, Host of Wipeout
Our awesome staff! Without them there is no us. We have the best tour guides and best farm hands in the land! Need I say more? They are the reason Mulberry has become the premier field trip destination in the area.

And YOU...our loyal followers and guest of Mulberry Lane Farm! We humbly thank you for joining us. Your laughter, your squeals of excitement, your giggles, your shared words of appreciation...we thank you.

We look forward to 2011...See you in May!

Submitted photo by guest: JPickart