Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Book Fox Valley

Mulberry was proud to be part of the First Book Fox Valley event held on Saturday, February 26th at the Menasha Public Library.

Farmer Bonnie opened the event with a reading of "Looking for a Moose." Afterward the kids enjoyed book-themed crafts, game activities and a chance to visit with some of the Mulberry animals.

Farmer Cindy held Mr. Flapper to give all the visitors a chance to pet him. Farmer Phil was in charge of Charlie, one of the farm's kid goats.

Special thanks to Farmer Kevin and Farmer Aaliyah for their help too. It was certainly a successful team effort.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Meet the newest addition to Mulberry Lane Farm...LADYBUG.

Ladybug (affectionately called Lady) was born on December 20th at Kinni River Springers Kennel, Hammond WI. She is a Bench/Field English Springer Spaniel. We brought her home this weekend and she's already showing us how smart she is.

Ranger is the sire. (Dad)

And Sal is the dam. (Mom)

Now you know where she get's her looks from!

Ladybug looks forward to meeting all the guest at Mulberry this spring. She loves playing and chasing the tennis ball.

Otis and the Principal

Otis will make his debut during a 2 PM Menasha High School assembly on Friday Feb 18th. Principal, Dr. Larry Haase challenged the high school students to raise at least $3000 for the Heifer Foundation. If they met their goal he agreed to kiss Otis! I don't think Dr. Haase realized that Otis is almost 4X the size of Green Bay Packer linebacker, Nick Barnett. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

We Open May 4th for the Spring 2011 Season!!!

Attention Teachers - The sooner you reserve your spring field trip to Mulberry Lane Petting Farm the more FREE admissions you’ll receive!

Make your reservation online or by calling:
-Before February 15th and receive 3 FREE admissions per 25 paid admissions.
-Before March 15th and receive 2 FREE admissions per 25 paid admissions.
-After March 15th you’ll still receive 1 FREE admission per 25 paid admissions.

Spring comes to life at the farm with the birth of all our baby animals. Baby lambs, baby calves, baby kittens, baby chicks, baby ducklings, baby kid-goats, baby piglets, baby bunnies baby, baby do we have babies!!

Good for field-trips May 4th through June 10th only.

P.S. Only have a few hours to spend at the farm because of am/pm programming? Many teachers have found combining both am/pm for a very special end-of-the-year field trip to be just the answer.

We look forward to seeing you!!!!