Friday, February 26, 2010

100+ year old Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Lane Farm is named after the 100+ year old tree that still majestically stands at the farm. Although old and has lost many of it's limbs, the tree still bears mulberry fruit. While on your tour of the farm your guide will share the story of the mulberry tree we obtained:

Excerpt from “The Schwabenlander Family, A Genealogical Record and Brief History” book, 1992.

"… However, they also had their fun. The one thing which was often mentioned by Frances in later years, was the way she and her brother, Anthony, along with her two sisters, Marie and Rose would climb the old mulberry tree, which was near the apple orchard. Once they got up into the tree, each one had their own branch, which was their make-believe residence. Here they would climb from one branch to another to visit with their neighbor on the other branch all in mimicry. There was, however, one restriction to climbing the mulberry tree. The children were not allowed to wear shoes while climbing for fear that this might damage the tree.

This particular mulberry tree was planted by John Prechtel back in the 1880’s when he also planted an apple orchard, of which some apple trees along with the mulberry tree are still bearing fruit today. By the early 1920’s, when this mulberry tree was probably in its prime, it bore enough berries to feed all the birds in the whole neighborhood, and then some. However, if the birds had not already picked most of the berries before they were really ripe, the family would use some in making jam and jellies. From all indications, Frances and three of her siblings, namely, Anthony, Marie and Rose were a very closely knit group throughout most of their adolescent and teenage years, whether at work or at play. Even today, some of their little adventures from the days when Rose was only eight years old are often talked about. …"

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  1. I know this tree very well. My grandma is Marie and I use to spent a lot of time on this farm as a kid. The Keyes are doing an excellent job in creating an educational experience for all. Marie being a teacher in an one room schoolhouse would be proud.

    Vicki Bergeron, third grade teacher