Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vander Velden Family Reunion at MLF

It was a beautiful fall day when the Vander Velden family gathered to enjoy a day at the farm for their annual family reunion. Of the 7 Vander Velden children only one remains, Mercedes Chartier and sister-in-law Doris (Harold) Vander Velden.

The Vander Velden's family heritage and honor runs deep and therefore they came from near and far to participate in this annual event. The Doug Buelow family traveled from Sandy Valley, NV - Rochelle Walker, Henderson, NV - Susan Rochon from Minneapolis, MN - Dan 'Pepe' Rochon from Taos, NM - Bob McLaughlin, Beloit, WI and as near as Kimberly, WI traveled the Steven Rochon family, and Gala Van Nuland, Shiocton, WI to name just a few.

The family enjoyed a pot-luck dinner in the massive haymow followed by a guided tour of the farm, gunny-sack races, pony rides and hayrides. They ended the day with a bonfire were they continued telling family "tall-tales" and roasting marshmallows.


  1. The best place to have a family get together. Fun for all ages.


  2. Hi Bonnie, I sure like your write up, it is great and your farm is the best for family reunions.
    Appleton, WI

  3. Hello from Las Vegas,
    I can't wait to spend time at the farm with my son's and my grandchildren. We have so much fun learning and playing with the farm animals.