Thursday, March 26, 2009


40 chicks arrived early this morning via the US postal service. Farmer Pat made a trip to the post office to pick up the new arrivals.

Included in the shipment were cochins, japanese, frizzles and white crested black polish. They are all bantams. We were disappointed to hear that the araucana's we ordered could not be shipped. The araucana's are also known as Easter Chickens because they lay colored eggs.

They arrive cuddled together to keep each other warm. Baby chicks can survive 3 days without food or water because of the nutrition they receive while still in the egg. They are thirsty and ready to eat but we need to help them get started by dipping their beak into the water.

The chicks will live in our basement until they are big enough to live in the chicken coop at the farm. The basement floor is heated but they still need the heat lamp from above to keep them warm.

Did you notice the chicks with the caps on their heads? These are white crested black polish bantams. They will grow up to look like this funny guy with the big hair-do.

Catherine is holding a frizzle. By the time we open in May our frizzle chicks will look like the one she is holding.

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