Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to Mulberry Lane Farm

What is Mulberry Lane Farm (MLF) all about? Many may think we just have tons of farm animals. Well, as much as that is true, MLF is so much more. We take pride in preserving the country farming heritage throughout the farm. I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at just one small area of the farm...The Granary.

Come on in...we are glad you came.

Right inside The Granary to the left you will see a bedspring from the original Schwaubenlander home where we have displayed different farm tools.

Canned Goods from Door County for Sale.

And of course Souvenirs

Old farm kitchenware display and more!

Barn hill leading to Hay Mow. I've kept the doors closed on purpose. You'll have to come to see for yourself what's inside.


  1. Hello I just love your page. The farm looks so nice I wish i lived closer so I could take my family to visit! I want to know if your farm sells Mulberry jams or jellies online. I can order by mail too. Please let me know if either of these 2 methods are possible.Thanks
    Shannon New Orleans

  2. Sorry no, we don't sell mulberry jams and jellies online or by mail. Our mulberry tree does produce an awesome amount of berries but we use them as taste testers on our guided tours when we stop at the mulberry tree. One of our tour guides makes jam for us to sell in the Granary to our guest but there isn't enough to sell otherwise.

    Thank you for your inquiry!