Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bolga Baskets

Our Bolga Baskets are hand-woven in the historical town of Bolgatanga, Ghana in West Africa. The Weavers of the Bolga Baskets are mostly farm families from the historic town of Bolgatanga. To supplement their unpredictable crop income, the families have been weaving and selling these handcrafted works of art for generations.

These sturdy, all natural baskets are made from elephant grass with goat hide handles. They are strong and flexible and can easily be re-shaped by getting them wet with water and re-working them with your hands.

The "Bolga" baskets are for sale in the farm's Granary. It's our way of Wisconsin farmer's supporting African farmer's! They have been purchased for wedding gifts, Mother's Day gift, display guest towels in, to store yarn in...your imangination is your only limitation.

Oh yes..."Nine Lives" isn't included. :)

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