Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Parade

We are excited to announce that Mulberry Lane Farm has been asked to participate in Wisconsin's biggest Christmas Parade! Last year's parade drew approximately 80,000 spectators to Downtown Appleton. Additionally, a television audience of over 100,000 views the parade live and during rebroadcasts on CBS 5, WFRV-TV and WJMN, Channel 3.

Parade entry description:
Mulberry Lane Petting Farm presents Annabelle’s Wish

Our unit is based on the classic children’s Christmas video “Annabelle’s Wish.” A lovable calf named Annabelle born on Christmas Eve and a friendly bunch of barnyard animals befriend Billy, a young boy who cannot talk. Legend has it that Santa gives voices to the animals for one day each year. Therefore, Christmas Day at the farm magically comes alive.

Mulberry Lane’s hay wagon (trimmed in white lights) pulled by the farm’s tractor will be filled with bales of hay with children and adults seated on them dressed as those friendly, talkative farm animals with “Billy” (Farmer Pat) at the helm. Everyone will be dressed as cows, pigs, ducks, horses and more!

Join us on Tuesday, Nov 24th. Parade begins at 6:20PM

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