Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank You!

We often get Thank You notes sent to our Farmers (tour guides) from the children that have visited Mulberry Lane Farm. Here are some excerpts from some of our recent "Thank You’s". These are the comments that put smiles on our faces and warm our hearts knowing we are doing what we are meant to do…run a children’s petting farm.

“I think that you are the best farmer (Farmer Liz) ever in the whole entire world. You have a big farm. I was nervous to hold the chickens because I thought they would peck me. They didn’t peck but just loved to be held. That tickled when I was feeding the sheep corn and the goats grain. I just could pick one of those lambs up and bring it home.”

“Thank you for letting me ride the horse named Teddy Bear. Riding the hay ride made me feel sick but I’m ok now. P.S. eating outside was fun because I never did eat outside before.”

“I liked the horses most of all. The class liked horses the most too. My second favorite were the baby cows. The slobber was gross. The cat I held was fluffy. I called it Fluff. I like the peacock that had a blue head. I held a chicken and it was small. I wonder how pigs like Otis are so big. I wish I could bring a horse home. I wish some day I could work with animals there too. I want a kitten like Fluff. I was last to hold a kitten. I held it longer than anyone.”

“I had fun at the farm. I like Mulberry Lane. The most fun was riding the horse named Winter, milking the cow and holding the baby animals. I think that Mulberry farm is the best farm ever.”

“The farm is very pretty. I love your farm. I love everything about it. The hayride was very fun. That was the most fun ever in my life.”

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