Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Future Farmers Grant


Our mission is to provide an ideal country learning environment where people of all ages can interact and learn about farm animals through "hands-on" guided tours.

Here at Mulberry Lane Farm we take this mission very seriously. We are thrilled when our guest share how overwhelmed they are by their visit. Unfortunately, with the current economic climate and school budget cuts, we have found some students unable to experience this same joy and excitement.

We believe every student, no matter their family's financial situation, deserves the opportunity to participate in a Mulberry Lane Farm field trip. Therefore, we have begun a new program called the “Future Farmers Grant.” We invite you to join our team by contributing to the grant program.

How does the "Future Farmers Grant" work?

  1. Fill out a pledge card
  2. Fill out top portion of "Distribution Form"
  3. Based upon your pledge, MLF will forward you the completed distribution form with the name(s) of the teachers and schools who have requested a grant.
  4. Write your tax deductible check directly to the school(s).
  5. If you’d like, many of our contributors visit the farm the day the students come on their field trip. See first hand the excitement and joy on the students’ face when they get a chance to:

- Milk a Cow

- Ride a Pony

- Catch a Chicken

- Kiss a Pig

- Cuddle a Kitten

- Enjoy a Hayride

- Receive a FREE Souvenir or Pumpkin

- and MORE!

We have learned that no matter the age or the background there is something about a farm that brings out the joy and worth in others.

Call or email us today to receive your pledge card and distribution form at 920-989-3130 or mulberrylanefarm@yahoo.com

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