Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Appleton 2010 Christmas Parade

Mulberry Lane Petting Farm presents: Farm Family Traditions

The family farm is legendary in WI with Christmas traditions dating back to our Grandparents and beyond. Even tho it may be Christmas morning the farmer must complete his morning chores before going back to the farm house to partake in the holiday festivities.

Mulberry Lane Petting Farm takes a stroll down memory lane to relive one of the oldest farm traditions, delivering the morning milk. Farmer Pat is at the reins seated atop the antique milk wagon pulled by…… reindeer?!?

Or are they the farm’s milking cows!?!?

Thanks to our "cows" Farmer Gala, Farmer Wendy, Farmer Liz and Farmer Ron (pictured). Farmer Kevin, Farmer Olivia, Farmer Cindy and Farmer Bonnie (not pictured). Farmer Pat on wagon and Granddaughter, Aaliyah as the farm kitty-kat.

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