Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Arrivals

Sixteen cute little goslings arrived just in time for Easter. Because of the cold damp spring, delivery by the hatchery was delayed by over a month. But geese grow fast. By the time we open May 4th these little guys will be twice the size (if not more) they are now.

Can you pick out the different breeds? I can't yet but the experts can. I have to wait until they are older. Now, they just look like cute cuddly fur balls.

6 Toulouse: The varying shades of gray in the plumage emphasize their deep, rounded white breasts and massive appearance.

3 White Chinese: Are pure white in color and have a knob on top of their heads and are excellent weed eaters.

4 White Emden: They have the same massive appearance as the Toulouse, combined with a pure white color. They have orange feet and bills.

3 Roman Tufted: One of the oldest breeds classified as a smaller, plump bird with a friendly personality.

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