Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Window in Time

No, it isn't a photo lifted from a magazine cover. It's actually a scene you'd see while peering through one of the farm house windows. Allow me to explain...

Being at the farm daily, we often don't see, or we take for granted, what our guest see. What looks to us as an eye sore...a broken barn door hanging off it's hinges in need of repair, may look to our guest as a beautiful red barn door laid as a backdrop as an entry of nostalgia. A yearning for the past when life was simpler.

Recently I've been bragging about all the photos our guest send us after their visit to the farm. It's a blessing to see the farm through their eyes.

We just received photos from a guest who visited last fall. It was a full CD of photos so I've taken the liberty to share some of our favorites. Are you ready to have your breath taken away?!?

These photos are courtesy of Robert Resnick of Revelations of Design.

Need a photographer...let me get you in touch with Robert.

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