Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Precious Gift

On Saturday November 5th Farmer Cindy, our farm manager, hosted an annual year-end party.  We had a lot to celebrate this year as we broke a few attendance records and launched some new "annual" events too. It wasn't without some trails, at times having to tour in some undesirable conditions, and even hitting some bumps in the road along the way, but we did it.  We ALL did it.  It was certainly a lesson in "team work."

As we reminisced of our year I often found myself laughing so hard I had tears! We have an amazing group of people. And all of them had a story to share.  But they shared more than stories. They shared their gratitude and respect for Farmer Pat and I when they gifted us the most unusual yet most touching gift.  I guess you'd have to know Pat and I to understand how much the gift meant.

Let me explain...if you've followed our blog throughout the year, or had the pleasure of visiting Mulberry Lane Farm in person, you've learned that Otis, the farm's 900+ lb boar has become sort of a farm mascot. And a new addition to the farm is our loving, yet naughty (she is a puppy remember!), LadyBug. Both are dearly loved by Pat and I both.  Odd combination I know.

Anyhow, early this year LadyBug began to loose her "baby" teeth.  One happened to fall out as Farmer Pat was playing with her and he felt terrible that he caused her to loose a tooth, not realizing at the time this was a natural puppy occurrence.  Also, Otis lost one of his huge adult canine tusk. Again, Farmer Pat found himself a part of this occurrence. Both, LadyBug's and Otis' lost tooth found there way into The Granary where they held their spot on a shelf for the year. may now begin to wonder how on earth a gift and some teeth would cause our heart's to melt.  They had them both made into jewelry for us to wear. So when you see a dog's baby tooth, or a pig's tusk adorning our neck, remember only a farmer and the farmer's wife could possibly be touched by such a gift.

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