Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Bonnie's Barnyard" on TV26 Green Bay

Tips Before Gifting a Pet 

There's nothing more precious than the look on your child's face when they open that special gift at Christmas!  

Farmer Bonnie shared some things to keep in mind this morning while visiting the TV26 studio with her Barnyard friends, LadyBug, Sis and her kitten.

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  • This is a lifetime commitment.
-    "Guinness Book of World Records" reports that the world's oldest cat lived to be 38.
-    Depending on size & breed, dogs on average live 12 years.

  • How old are your children?  Are they old enough to understand the handling & care of their new pet?
  • If gifting Grandparents or an elderly person consider an adult cat or dog that is already trained. A small lap dog or a gentle cuddly lap cat is ideal.
  • Since puppies & kittens are very active consider an adult dog or cat for the elderly person on your list.  They still bring the same joy & companionship but will be easier for them to care for.
  • Dogs take time. Puppies take more time.  Are you gone from home most of the day? 
-    Although cats love being with their master, cats are more adaptable to being left alone. 
  • How big is your home and how big is your yard?
-    Keep this in mind when deciding on a larger breed of dog.
  • Consider your finances. 
-    There are vet bills for shots, worming, neutering or spaying, registration & licensing, food, cat litter, toys, kennels, etc...they all add up.
  • If you rent or live in a condo be sure to check your lease and/or condo association rules. Are pets allowed?
  • Be a responsible pet owner. Be sure to have your new pet spayed or neutered!  
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