Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peafowl on TV26's Bonnie's Barnyard

Oops...they almost got away. Certainly brought excitement to the set!

Farmer Bonnie and Farmer Pat brought Mulberry Lane Farm's peafowl to the set of NBC TV26, Green Bay.

You can see the full segment of Bonnie's Barnyard here:

Interesting peafowl facts:
  • Male peafowl are called peacocks. Female peafowl are called peahens. Offspring under the age of one year are called peachicks.
  • The most common breed of peafowl is the Indian Blue.
  • Besides their colorful tail feathers, peacocks are distinguished by their blue neck feathers. Peahens have green neck feathers and lack the decorative tail feathers.
  • Males raise their feathers into a fan and quiver them as part of courtship display.
  • The peacock will molt (shed) its tail in late summer at the end of the breeding season.
  • The tail feathers grow back about an additional foot each year extending as long as 6 feet when fully grown around age six.
  • An adult peacock has an average of 200 tail feathers. Of the 200 or so feathers, about 170 are "eye" feathers and 30 are '"T" feathers.
  • Peafowl are very hardy birds and with proper care, can live forty to fifty years.

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