Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sure Signs of Spring

It appears Farmer Pat and Farmer Bonnie aren't the only ones getting ready for our May 2nd opening. While walking through the farm today I was amazed by all the signs of spring. Thought I'd share a few...

Sure sign #1- BIG Bellies on our Ewes.
Lightening is famous. She has been on NBC26, WGBA twice this winter. Although you may not recognize her without her wooly coat on!

Sure sign #2 - BIG Bellies on our Nanny Goats
Half&Half has always had triplets and one time even quads! By looking at her belly bulge, I'd say this spring will be no different.

Sure sign #3 - BIG Udders. 
Once the udders start to fill with milk you know the nanny is getting ready to deliver.

 Sure sign #4 - BIG Belly on Sis
Sis is usually the first Queen (female cat) on the farm to have her litter. She's a wonderful momma cat.

Sure sign #5 - Hair in the Rabbit's Box
Right before the Doe (female rabbit) gives birth she pulls the hair from under her chin to line her nest. It makes a comfy warm place for her kits (baby bunnies) to live until their hair grows long enough to keep them warm.

Sure sign #6 - Harmony in the Barnyard
As they say "birds of a feather flock together."  But wait! A drake (male duck), a rooster (male chicken) and a tom (male turkey) all hanging out??!??

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