Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mulberry Lane Farm Animals on TV

We often get asked about our monthly segment of Bonnie's Barnyard on NBC TV26, Green Bay (WGBA). Each month we take Mulberry Lane Farm animal(s) to the station to share interesting, fun farm facts about our animals. 

Live TV makes for a fun, spontaneous experience. Working with animals is a delight and we are both excited and proud to share them with the TV26's listening audience and with you.  

Here are some from 2012...enjoy!

Learn about pure-bred donkeys and the difference between donkeys and mules.

Do you know the difference between a miniature horse and a pony?

Farmer Pat teaches us how to sheer a sheep.

Spring comes alive at Mulberry Lane Farm with all our new baby farm animals being born. We brought some of the cutest new critters to the station.

Learn the difference between a peacock, a peahen and a peachick. Guess how many train tail feathers a peacock has? Watch to learn if your guess is correct.

Fall Harvest is celebrated with a ride in an Amish buggy.

Even though it is called a Pygora goat (cross between an angora and a pygmy goat) we don't get angora from goats but rather mohair. Learn more during this segment of Bonnie's Barnyard.

Turkeys and guinea fowl visit Jenny Evans on NBC26 Today show.

Fall decorating. Get some helpful tips on decorating for the season.

A small 750 lb Champ enjoys strolling the grounds of the studio while Farmer Bonnie & Jenny Evans share interesting pig facts.

We also enjoy visiting other local Green Bay stations. Learn about the different pumpkin species grown at Mulberry Lane Farm as we visit Fox11 Good Day WI.

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