Sunday, January 5, 2014

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Cold

Winter on the farm can be beautiful. As well as in your own back yard.  That is, when we are on the inside looking out. Outside it's brrrrr....

So remember your pets when sending them outdoors with the helpful reminders below.

·       Just because your dog has fur, it does not mean they can withstand the cold.

·       LadyBug, Mulberry Lane Farm’s 3 year old Springer Spaniel is bred to be an outdoor dog and can handle the cold weather much better than say a Yorkshire Terrier. A doggie sweater is an excellent idea for small dogs or dogs with little to no hair.

·       Just because your dog has a sweater on doesn’t mean they can be outside for extended periods of time. Dogs lose most of their body heat from the pads of their feet, their ears, and their respiratory tract.

·       Watch those feet! Your pet can get salt, ice, and chemical ice treatments caught in their footpads. To minimize damage to their paws, wipe them with a warm cloth when they come inside.

·       Cats too need extra care in the winter. Wind chill affects our pets just as it does people. Provide an enclosed area lined with straw or blankets for your outdoor pet.

·       Heated dog beds can be used to keep your outdoor dog warm. For both dogs and cats, heated bowls keep water and food from freezing.

·       Exercising your pet in winter is very important. In the cold, it is best to walk your dog more often for shorter periods of time. OR, consider a day per week at your local doggie day care. There they have an indoor play area and great socialization.


·       Beware of antifreeze - It is highly toxic! Antifreeze tastes good to pets, but even a small amount can kill your pet.

·       Do not allow your dog to run across frozen bodies of water. Just as it’s not wise for you to walk onto iced over bodies of water. It too is dangerous for your dog.

·       During the winter, cats sometimes sleep under the hood of your car or in the garage where it is warm and comfortable. Before you turn your engine on, check beneath the car or make a lot of noise by honking the horn or rapping on the hood.

Fun Fact.

·       Did you know that your dog and cat's normal temperature (100.5-102.5) is a few degrees higher than yours? (97.8-99.1) Winter is the perfect time of year to snuggle up – so have fun and stay warm!

·       Be a responsible pet owner. Be sure to have your pet spayed or neutered!  

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